Sarteks Group Knitting Industry Trade LTD. STI.

With more than 20 years of industry experience, we increase the competitiveness of our customers with a wide product range, experienced technical staff, state-of-the-art machinery, and quality and affordable products. We offer solutions to our business partners with the fastest production and fastest logistics companies.

As Sarteks Group, we operate in the fields of commercial fisheries and textiles. With our comprehensive product range, we specialize in the production of lead ingots, lead billets, lead strip blocks, lead ball lead plate, lead lines, lead wires, lead chain, lead rods, rings, fishing net, zinc tape, float line. The activity area of ​​our factory is 1800 square meters and has all the necessary equipment. We are proud to serve you with our 150 tons of lead production volume per month and our dedicated, experienced and well-equipped employees.

We always prioritize being innovative and competitive. We produce thousands of solutions by working with a customer focus, and we can constantly offer alternative products and offers. By closely following the changes and innovations in the world market, we produce products that meet the demands and needs of our customers all over the world. We are constantly developing more environmentally friendly alternative products and offer innovative and economical solutions to our business partners. As the leading company in its sector, we are on the way to become a world giant company that always aims for the best and produces continuously.